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Communicate healthcare and medtech.

With content at eye level.

Patients. Customers. Laypeople. Professionals.

I write for your target group and turn complex topics

into clear messages. Together we make sure your readers

really understand your product.

For a healthier future. For everyone.

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In a nutshell.

A few words about myself.

Patient explainer.

Strategic writer.
Persistent researcher.
Curious interviewer.


What this means for you: I approach your complex topics with honest interest and package them specifically for your target group.


Initially, I studied English and American Studies along with law as a minor – in Konstanz, Lausanne and Heidelberg. My passion for detailed research and extensive writing projects definitely stems from that time. Find my complete CV on LinkedIn.

Über mich

What defines my work.


Helping your readers to get to know and understand your product or topic  even if it gets a little more complicated. I share your enthusiasm for your topic, because health and medicine concern us all.


A future where everyone has access to health and medical information that meets their needs.


Medium to long formats, because enough space makes a great reading experience. And that pays off for you!

My topics.


From the onset of symptoms to a confirmed diagnosis and successful therapy, years can pass – not an easy time for those affected and their families.


Whether you are dedicated to a prevention solution, a specific illness, or a remedy: I make sure that your communication is oriented towards your target group and free of confusing ambiguities. For patients, I write empathetically and clearly. And when it comes to content aimed at HCPs and other experts, I pay particular attention to a balance between technically correct information and a pleasant flow of text.

From prevention to therapy

Health issues concern us every single day. Prevention as part of a more active and healthier lifestyle is regularly on everyone's lips even beyond New Year. Dealing with an illness can be challenging and with age comes a whole new set of problems for many people. On the other side of the healthcare system, the day-to-day work of HCPs in practices, clinics and pharmacies brings its own unique challenges.


With your product or service, do you support people in maintaining their health, managing their daily lives despite limitations or advocating for the health of their patients on a daily basis? Let's communicate this together!


Everyday health


Innovative, (artificially) intelligent and above all digital: this is what the future of medical care looks like. The health sector is developing faster than ever – and clear communication is particularly important.

I write for and about your digital health application or other health-related offer. Is your product still in its infancy? Then I'm happy to support you in convincing investors, health insurance companies and beta testers of your innovative concept. You already are an established name on your market?  Then I'll make sure that you reach the next milestones on schedule with regular, target group-oriented content.

Healthcare of the future,
the future of healthcare

When medical research and technical progress come together, completely new possibilities for practical applications in the health sector emerge. These can be highly complex diagnostic procedures or products that make everyday life easier for certain groups – for example prostheses or new materials for medical devices.

Whether it's a more user-friendly inhaler or a full-size MRI: I present the entire range of medical technology solutions equally in the right light and write in such a way that your target group feels and experiences the innovative power behind your idea.



My offer.


My skills.

SEO content.

What is better than a good text with many keywords? An individual, reader-friendly text with strategically placed keywords.

That's why my content is optimised for search engines while focusing on adding value for the reader. Well thought-out meta tags yes 
keyword stuffing no. I learned this here.

Scientific work and research.

In the last ten years, I have read 46,382 scientific publications from various disciplines.

At least.

Using scientific studies or publications, I will familiarise myself with the subject matter accordingly. If necessary, I can also help you
find suitable literature before starting the writing process. I sharpened my understanding of medical research here.

German or English –
or both.

My native language is German.

I studied (in) English.


I write content for you in both languages – alternately or in parallel. Whatever you need right now.

Surprises? Sure!

Innovative projects sometimes require special services.

I'm happy to take on unusual o
r new tasks by arrangement. Maybe I'll script your next podcast episode or give my texts a facelift with the help of image databases? You tell me what you need – I'll tell you whether I'm the right person for the job.


My clients.

Logo ALK-Abelló GmbH
Logo medicalmotion GmbH

How we collaborate.

Spontaneous. My calendar is dynamic. Tell me your deadline and I'll let you know whether I can make it happen.

Together. Introduce me to your graphic designer, the regulatory department and your office dog. We work hand in hand – for productive teamwork without misunderstandings. This is especially important when it comes to health and medical technology topics.

Strategic. The view is much better outside the tunnel. My texts are part of your overall concept, so I always keep an eye on your content strategy. Let's take a closer look at it together before I start writing.

Flexible. Flat project fee, retainer package or hourly rate – together we decide how we want to work together.

Let's talk!

I look forward to your non-binding enquiry and am excited to learn more about your project.

Get in touch

Vielen Dank für eure Nachricht! Ich werde mich schnellstmöglich bei euch melden.

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My mailbox is open to any other comments and queries as well, of course – just say Hi!

You may contact me at or through the contact form.

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